Health insurance in Switzerland

Which deductible to choose? 2022 data

Under the Swiss compulsory health insurance scheme, policyholders must choose a deductible between 300 and 2500 CHF (0 and 600 CHF for children). The situation being as follows, one needs to make the right decision depending on the planned yearly health expenses:

Monthly insurance cost Price to pay in case of illness
High deductible (e.g. 2500 CHF) Low High (deductible, then 10% up to 700 CHF for adults, 350 CHF for children)
Low deductible (e.g. 300 CHF) High Low (deductible, then 10% up to CHF 700 for adults, 350 CHF for children)

In many cases, policyholders opt for an intermediate deductible (e.g. CHF 1,000), thinking that this is a good compromise. From an economic point of view, this choice is not ideal because it will make you lose money in almost all situations (regardless of whether your health care expenses are high or not)! However, an intermediate deductible is a reasonable solution when you have limited savings to cover unexpected large health expenses. With a deductible of CHF 2500, you would have to save CHF 3100 or even double that if the health problem were to last two years.

Tip: Use the money saved on the premium to save for your future health expenses.

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